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Ms. Keever’s AP Chemistry Book Report Guidelines

1. Read the book. Take notes about main ideas, etc. as you read.

2. Your report should have the following format and should be typed:

        a. Introduction – should include title & author, publication data (publisher, year of publication, number of pages), genre (fiction/nonfiction), and a short statement describing what the book's about.

        b. Body – two parts:

                i. Description of the book

                        If fiction it should include the setting, time period, main character(s), and plot (tell about the most important events that happen to the main character).

                        If nonfiction it should include the subject (what is the book about) and a thorough summary of what the author says about the subject (the main points of the book)

                ii. Your thoughts about the book: author’s main reason for writing the book, most interesting thing you learned, how it was presented, what held your interest, what is the main idea of the whole book, how did you feel about the story, etc. (these are just ideas) --- this should be your personal response to the book – you analyze or critique the book. Must include at least six points of analysis or critique.

        c. Conclusion – summarize your thoughts into a main impression or point about the book.

3. The length of your book report is dictated by the content of the book. Make sure you completely cover the requirements listed above. 

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